2024 Nalini GRADED Bib Shorts - 4000

  • $ 249.00

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Nalini Graded bib shorts feature a sophisticated graded fabric, offering varying levels of compression tailored to different areas of the leg. Crafted from a silk-like stretch-woven material, this fabric provides precisely modulated muscle support. The hem of the legs is specially designed to offer a secure and stable grip.

Paired with an upper section constructed from lightweight, soft microfiber, the braces are seamlessly integrated with no visible stitching. Utilizing clean-cut or thermo-bonded components throughout, the result is an exceptionally performance-oriented bib short that prioritizes comfort and achieves a second-skin effect.


  • Graded compression used throughout the shorts
  • Silicone-free grip woven into the lower part of
    the leg
  • Thermo taped assembling (minimal stitching)
  • Superlight veil mesh on back


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