2024 Nalini CONTACT Bib Shorts - 4000

  • $ 249.00

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Departing from traditional designs, NALINI CONTACT BIB SHORTS feature a revolutionary innovation in pad placement. Unlike conventional bib shorts, the CONTACT PAD is secured within the shorts by two side seams, directly connected to the bibs. The straps are seamlessly integrated, bypassing attachment to the shorts, and instead thread through four openings in the hip area. This innovative system not only redefines how pads are positioned but also grants unprecedented freedom of movement, thanks to the seamless integration of pad and strap. With this design, the padding effortlessly tracks the body's movements, adapting to to the body and ensures it moves with your body so feels like a natural extension of the rider. Experience a new level of comfort and performance with Nalini Contact bib shorts.

Nalini Contact System features an innovative design where the straps are seamlessly integrated directly into the pad via side seams. Ingeniously, a series of eyelets on the shorts hold them securely in place, eliminating the need for a conventional design. This ingenious configuration ensures outstanding stability, allowing the pad to seamlessly adapt to the body's movements during pedaling. In essence, this system leaps into a new era in saddle comfort, providing cyclists with an unmatched freedom of movement. With the pad in constant contact with the body, it replicates the function of the body, enhances the cycling motion and takes the overall riding experience to unprecedented levels.



  • Integrated CONTACT PAD - moves with your body
  • Stretchy lightweight compression material 
  • Breathes well and keeps you dry
  • UPF 30 Protection
  • Anti-slip Silicone at leg band


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