Nalini LOGO Thermo Winter Cycling Gloves 2025

Nalini LOGO Thermo Winter Cycling Gloves 2025

  • $ 89.00

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Nalini LOGO Winter Cycling Gloves - Fall/Winter Collection 

LOGO THERMO winter gloves keep cold winds and wet elements out so your hands stay warm and dry. The padded palm features an anti-slip texture that's great for gripping your bars and hoods.  The tip of the glove on the Index finger features special fabric for touchscreens.

Ideal for cold weather riding.  The contour fit are great for layering or wearing alone.

To determine glove size, please measure the circumference of your palm by taking a flexible measuring tape and wrapping it around your palm. Measure in inches the widest widest portion of the palm not including the thumb. 

S:  7" - 8"
M:  8" - 9"
L:  9" - 10"
XL:  10" - 11"

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