Bianchi-Milano Marradi Winter Cycling Gloves - Black

Bianchi-Milano Marradi Winter Cycling Gloves - Black

  • $ 69.00

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Bianchi-Milano Winter Mirradi Cycling Gloves

Crafted with special wind-blocking treatment and an inner fleeced material your hands stay warm and dry even when temperatures are in the 30's to 40's range. The anti-slip palm area improves your grip and ability to brake or shift. Adjustable velcro cuffs make it easy to secure gloves so the wind stays out. Made in Castel d'Ario, Italy at the Nalini Factory.

To determine glove size, please measure the circumference of your palm by taking a flexible measuring tape and wrapping it around your palm. Measure in inches the widest portion of the palm not including the thumb. 

S:  7" - 8"
M:  8" - 9"
L:  9" - 10"
XL:  10" - 11"

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