Campagnolo POTASSIO Cycling Socks - Turquoise/Blue

Campagnolo POTASSIO Cycling Socks - Turquoise/Blue

  • $ 24.00

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Campagnolo POTASSIO Cycling Socks 

Campagnolo Potassio Racing Socks, meticulously crafted in Italy to elevate your time on the bike. These exceptional socks combine comfort, functionality, and style.

Designed with an elasticated fit, our socks provide unparalleled comfort and support, allowing you to pedal with ease. The mid-length leg measuring 24 cm offers optimal coverage and stability, reducing muscle fatigue and improving performance.

Embellished with a ribbed design, our Potassio socks add a touch of sophistication to your cycling ensemble. Not only do they elevate your style, but they also boast remarkable technical qualities. Made in Italy.


  • Integrated Ventilation System
  • 24 cm length
  • Anti-bacterial and odor resistant
  • Sizes: S/M (39/41) L/XL (42/46) or XXL (46+)


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