Bianchi-Milano Picerno Sleeveless Skinsuit (Black) SALE

  • $ 119.00

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Picerno Cycling Skinsuit - Summer Collection

Bianchi-Milano Picerno skinsuit contours your body like a second skin to make you more aerodynamically efficient on the bike. Provides optimal muscle support and UV protection.

You'll love how the compression fabric keeps your muscles stimulated to reduce fatigue. The entire suit is equipped to pull moisture away from your body and quickly evaporate so you stay dry. Made in Italy.  


  • Form-fitting anatomical cut
  • Superior aerodynamic function
  • Muscle-supportive and UPF protective fabric for both the torso
  • and the legs
  • 40 cm length zipper 
  • Bottom legs hem with gripping elastic
  • Reflective details on the legs and at the back

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