2024 Nalini Women's Veloce Bib Shorts | Black 4000

  • $ 149.00

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Nalini Women's VELOCE Bib Shorts - Summer Collection

Nalini Women's Bib Shorts deliver ultimate comfort and performance for the most demanding cyclists. These shorts vigorously hug your body leaving no room for excess material and offer optimum freedom of movement. The breathable braces lay flat on your skin and stay close to your body pulling sweat away to keep you dry and cool.  The multi-surfaced fabric envelops your body to support your muscles without restricting movement.

Crafted with Nalini's women-specific padded insert,  the pad comes in contact with your body and saddle for exceptional support and comfort.  Nalini's women-specific pad features variable levels of density and thickness to reduce road vibration, undue stress and pressure points on your perineum and sit bones. Hydrophilic, friction-free design dries quickly and prevents bacterial build-up and odor.


  • Women-specific design
  • Compression fabric to support leg muscles
  • UV protection
  • Excellent breathability and moisture management
  • Anti-slip leg bands
  • Reflective accents
  • Women's INTEGRA padded insert for comfort
  • MSRP: $149.00

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