2024 Nalini Women's Melange LS Base Layer

  • $ 74.95

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Nalini Melange LS Base Layer (Women)

Nalini Women's LS Base Layer - Stay warm and dry through chilly weather adventures with this innovative long sleeve base layer. Crafted from Pulsar® yarn, a strategic blend marrying the soft comfort of polyamide with the vibrant colored polyester. The polyamide wicks moisture away from your skin, while the polyester provides lasting, vivid hues that maintain their pop. With an anatomic fit moving with your body, this top features a textured design and open areas to promote maximum airflow. Perfect as a standalone piece or layered under a jersey, this versatile long sleeve adds warmth without weight.  Made in Castel d'Ario, Italy - Nalini Factory


  • Stretchy thermo-regulating polypropylene yarn is used throughout the base layer
  • Soft stretchy material contours your body (65% polypropylene, 20% polyester, 15% elastane)
  • Exceptionally breathable 
  • Designed to thermoregulate your core temperature

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