Nalini Wool LS Cycling Jersey (Rosso 4010)

  • $ 139.00

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Nalini Wool Long Sleeve Jersey with its Italian expertly tailored wool blend gives you a comfortable advantage in both warm and cool weather. Using an ergonomic design the jersey moves with your body whether you're in the drops or on the hoods. The fabric self-regulates your body temperature to keep you comfortable even when there's a 10 degree change on the thermometer. You will immediately notice how the Nalini Wool long sleeve jersey wicks away moisture and eliminates body odor so you stay fresh and dry. GET LOST TO FIND YOURSELF written on the left upper sleeve.


  • Ergonomic design for comfort 
  • Excellent wicking ability and moisture management
  • Exceptionally breathable
  • Naturally curbs body odor
  • Short zipper
  • Hidden zippered back pocket
  • MSRP: $139.00

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