2024 Nalini FAST Bib Shorts - Black

  • $ 239.00

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Nalini Fast Bib Shorts utilize a specialized fabric from the Kinetech® DRAGZERO range, which is designed to reduce drag coefficient thanks to its unique structure.

In addition to incorporating the latest advancements in fabric technology, Nalini employed state-of-the-art assembly methods such as ultrasonic bonding instead of traditional stitching, along with bonded borders for added strength. At the hem of the legs, you'll find a surprising addition: a silicone-free, ultra-thin band that feels as soft as silk but provides the gripping power of rubber, enhancing both comfort and performance.



  • Side panels with structure DRAGZERO (less drag above a certain speed)
  • Kinetech® fabric in the entire short: high strength-stretch and anti abrasion.
  • Upper part with super light mesh with thermotaped edging
  • Reflective logos on sides
  • Bottom leg hem - no silicone - gripping anti-slip leg hem


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