Nalini Snipe 2.0 Cycling Padded Liner Shorts (Boxers)

Nalini Snipe 2.0 Cycling Padded Liner Shorts (Boxers)

  • $ 34.00

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Nalini SNIPE 2.0 AIW Padded Bicycle Liner Shorts (Boxers)

Nalini SNIPE 2.0 Padded Liner Shorts convert your regular shorts or pants into ready-to-ride bicycle apparel. Designed to be worn as your cycling underwear boxers, the anatomic fit and padded insert offer hours of comfort while riding. Offered in two sizes.



  • Stretchy breathable seamless construction prevents chafing
  • Elastic waist keeps shorts in place
  • Soft stretchy material contours your body
  • Exceptionally breathable 
  • Padded insert offers comfort for long distance riding
  • Perfect for both hot or cold weather
  • Sizing - S/M or L/XL

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