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Nalini Nanodry Thermosuit

  • $ 36900

If you are unfamiliar with Nalini Sizing, please refer to SIZE GUIDE. Nalini runs smaller than most US cycling apparel.

Nalini Nanodry Thermosuit - Black Label Collection - Fall/Winter

Using an innovative mix of highly technical materials with the functional purpose of keeping you warm and dry, Nalini Nanodry Thermosuit provides superb weather protection and comfort. Starting with an anatomical cut, the Nanodry Thermosuit closely hugs your body leaving no room for excess material. The Suit is designed to trap air and retain warmth while making sure moisture is pulled away from your skin to keep you dry. The outer layer features both Nalini Nanodry and Mantotex water-repellent and wind-proof treatments that act together as a barrier to repel water and prevent wind penetration.  Every detail of the Nanodry Thermosuit is geared towards making you more efficient on the bike in cold temperatures. Made in Castel d'Ario, Italy - Nalini Factory


  • Aggressive Race-Cut Design
  • Enhanced thermal insulation properties
  • Excellent moisture management to keep skin dry
  • Flat form-fitting front for an aerodynamic fit
  • Full length front zipper for regulating ventilation
  • Compression material used to stimulate muscles
  • Nalini KRONO padded insert for maximum comfort
  • Reflective accents for enhanced visibility
  • Excellent warmth to weight ratio
  • 3 rear pockets
  • Elastic ankle bands to keep stabilize suit while pedaling
  • XRace Padded Insert
  • MSRP: $369.00


XRACE - Extremely closely fitted cut that contours the body like a second skin to ensure maximum performance. No excess material


AIR MOA WARM offers exceptional wind resistance and thermal insulation.


MOA MANTOTEX - A thermo-regulating membrane offers excellent protection against water and wind, maintains the microclimate between the skin, and wicks perspiration away. The extreme lightness and the shape recovery grant an excellent comfort without affecting the specific functionality.


NANODRY - ensures water-repellent qualities without reducing the fabric's ability to breath.


Nalini's KRONO padded insert features three different thicknesses and densities to ensure maximum comfort by reducing road vibration and impact. Strategically placed throughout the pad, all bodily contact with the saddle is protected especially in key pressure point areas. The KRONO pad is ideal for riding in an aerodynamic position especially when in the drops or using aero bars.


(Please keep in mind that Nalini runs smaller than most US cycling apparel. 
Please use chart for guidance.)


Nalini cycling apparel is specifically crafted to enhance your performance and riding experience. A little special care in washing will prolong the lifespan of your garments. We have a few tips to keep your Nalini clothing in the best condition for many rides to come.

  • Carefully read the label on garment for any special instructions
  • Do not use harsh detergents, bleach, fabric softeners or dryer sheets
  • Hand or machine wash (gentle cycle) in cold or warm water with similar colors and items
  • Wash and dry garments inside out
  • Separately wash any Velcro® items since Velcro® can attach and cause damage to your cycling garments
  • Do not wash Nalini clothing with open zippers since zipper sliders and teeth can rub against your performance wear causing it to rip, fray and pull which reduces the life of your gear.
  • Air dry in a well ventilated area or tumble dry on low heat
  • Do not iron - heat will ruin the fabric