Bianchi-Milano Cycling Skinsuit - TEMO 2021

  • $ 199.00

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Bianchi-Milano TEMO Cycling Skinsuit

 Designed for racing, the TEMO snugly fits your body without restriction. Its sleek one-piece construction optimizes your aerodynamic position to make you faster. The highly breathable fabric offers the right amount of compression to support your muscles while wicking away moisture so you stay comfortable. The special padded insert is designed to reduce road vibration and relieve any pressure points that cause undue stress on your perineum and sit bones. Made by Nalini in Castel d'Ario, Italy.



  • Race-cut form-fitting one piece design
  • Highly breathable with excellent moisture management
  • Compression fabric to support muscles
  • UV Protection
  • Invisible 40 cm zipper
  • Rear center pocket
  • Silicone grippers

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