Nalini Roxana Summer Cycling Gloves - Black/Blue/White

Nalini Roxana Summer Cycling Gloves - Black/Blue/White

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Nalini ROXANA Summer Cycling Gloves

Nalini Roxana Cycling Gloves are the perfect choice for summer cycling.  Made with soft moisture-wicking fabric, the gloves fit and feel incredible even on the hottest days.  The upper portion of the gloves features a ventilation system to draw moisture to the outer layer for quick evaporation.  The adjustable wrist allows you to customize the fit.  Strategically placed variable padding on the palm offers pressure point relief and comfort.  Located between the thumb and index fingers is a designated area so you can wipe your nose or built-up sweat. Reflective accents give you more visibility while riding.

To determine glove size, please measure the circumference of your palm by taking a flexible measuring tape and wrapping it around your palm. Measure in inches the widest widest portion of the palm not including the thumb. 

XS:  6" - 7"
S:  7" - 8"
M:  8" - 9"
L:  9" - 10"
XL:  10" - 11"

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